DVD - Lebensschule mit ätherischen Ölen

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How the school of life became a school of life: Aren't we all shaped by the School of Life - one way or another? And the consequences? Don't we all suffer - consciously or unconsciously? Dementia, depression, burnout - doesn't everyone want to get out of this cycle of negative experiences?

This DVD clearly addresses many of these issues. And it also shows a way how, with the help of essential oils and other measures, every seeker can easily get out of this dilemma. Essential oils can help in many ways.

Science is increasingly showing how the molecules of essential oils are not only important for the health of our cells, but also have the greatest importance for our mental well-being. In this DVD it is shown how a combination of many natural substances can bring back an optimal life.

Listen and see in this DVD this way from a total foreign determination to the completely free personal responsibility.

Language: German
Autor: Helmuth Matzner
Duration: 90 minutes
Year of issue: 2016