The Power of CBD and Essential Oils

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The Power of CBD and Essential Oils
Connecting the Dots Between Plants, Receptors and Health

Many people talt about Cannabidiol (CBD), it's all over social media, and the number of published scientific and medical articles is increasing quickly. Essential oils are not just a popular trend. They have proven their usefulness for thousands of years. These are both powerful plant extracts, but can they work together to support our body's homeostasis?

What is the history of hemp and marijuana, and how are they grown? Is there a difference between isolate and full-spectrum CBD? How does CBD work in the body? What is an ideal dose and method of administration? Which essential oils should be added to CBD? Why and how? What happens in your body after consuming CBD? Is it dangerous?

Doctor Oli answers these questions and more. His findings, recommendations, experiences, and personal blends, backed by over 890 scientific references, connect the dots between CBD, essential oils, receptors, health, and wellness.

Language: English
Autor: Olivier Wenker, MD, DEAA
Page: 320
Edition: 1. Edition
Edition year: 2019

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