Magical Oils

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Magical Oils

Book for Children

The book Magic Oils shows children how to deal with their well-being, their feelings and their health. They should become aware that they can do something themselves to feel better and that they have powerful, natural helpers with essential oils.

Waldo, the wise wizard, playfully teaches his sorcerer's apprentice the way to become a young magician by using these wonderful treasures of nature in a playful way. He invites to read, craft, paint and puzzle.

There are many books on the market how to use of essential oils for children, but this is the first children's book for themselves. 

"Beatrice Krammer has therefore created something very important and I recommend this book to anyone who desires to point children from an early age into a healthy direction.” 
Quotation from the preface to the book by Dr. med. Olivier Wenker, physician and essential oil specialist.

Age recommendation 9-99 years

When reading and tinkering with an adult, “Magical Oils” is also suitable for younger children.


About the Author


Since 2007, Beatrice Krammer has been working as a qualified life coach and entrepreneur in the east of Austria. Right where she was born and raised, she is now living with her husband.

To support people, to develop more personal responsibility, well-being and joy in life is a matter of the heart for her - it is her vocation.

She enjoys sharing knowledge and does that mainly online as well as through seminars, lectures and as a speaker at congresses.


Language: Englisch
Autor: Beatrice Krammer
Page: 88
Edition: 1th Edition
Edition year: 2018

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