Your return to reality

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Your return to reality

Helmuth Matzner answers fundamental questions of our human existence. In conversations with God he fathoms the material and spiritual dimensions of our existence. In his fluently written work, from page to page in dialogue form, the spiritual development of man from paradise to the separation from God to the present conditions of our health, our economy, our society, our planet is revealed.

The book provides insights into the structure of the universe, the structure of matter and the life of man in this world and the hereafter. Extensive travels through the spiritual and cosmic worlds have given the author a world view of unprecedented breadth and depth. All cosmic, spiritual and earthly aspects are described in a very understandable and lucid way. This book will eliminate many questions and doubts about the meaning of our human life. It will open perspectives of life of hitherto undreamed dimensions to every reader.

"Your Return to Reality" is a book of hope in a difficult phase of humanity. It tells us that there are very few decisions we have to make in order to return to the lost paradise.

Language: German
Author: Helmuth Matzner / Daniel Schenk
Publisher: Helmuth Matzner Publishing House
Edition: 1st edition / Pages: 368
Year of issue: 2022