True Beauty goes under the Skin (German)

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True Beauty goes under the Skin

The 4 phases of natural, holistic skin care

"Beautiful, clear, radiant and glowing skin is a normal state."

Naturally beautiful with the 4-phase system. It is time to realize that our body is a holistic, very intelligent, even magical system. Cosmetics are so much more than applying any critical ingredients to the skin or covering up natural body odor with synthetic fragrances. Cosmetics, when used properly, can restore order to the body. By reducing stress, providing an optimal supply of vital substances and at the same time supporting the intestines, liver and all important processes in the body, we relieve the skin. The skin, as an organ of elimination and detoxification, is the final link in a long, complex chain.

Support your body and your skin will benefit. Support your skin in its natural function and your body will benefit.

It's that simple!

"This is all about the big picture and it gets under your skin. Don't get stuck on the surface. Be brave and realize what it's really about. It's about you! Only about you!"

Language: German
Autor: Claudia Lazzari
Pages: 160
Edition: 1st Edition
Year of issue: 2022