The spiritual networker

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The spiritual networker

How to achieve even more success in network marketing with self-love, spiritual development & mindfulness!

"Imagine if more people followed their heart's path - the world would be a better and, above all, happier place!" I dedicate this book to all women who want to successfully build their own business and thus follow their individual path to more freedom and independence. In 7 simple steps, clear instructions and practical applications, I show you how you can lead a happy, free and self-determined life through spiritual personality development and the support of pure essential oils. Walk your path of consciousness with me AND be successful, because: It ́s all about energy!This is my quick guide to your sustainable heart business network marketing!In this book you will learn:

  • How you grow on the outside through inner growth
  • How to recognize and transform blockages
  • How to overcome (self-)doubt and increase self-worth
  • How to positively program your minimum
  • How to get into goal-oriented and effective implementation
  • How to sell with fun and ease without selling How to achieve and maintain sustainable success

"Warm-hearted, open, humorous: in this book, experienced networker Susanne Beck shows you her way to easily achieve sustainable success through self-reflection and mindfulness. For me, a must-read for anyone who wants to be successful in network marketing." NADINE NEUMANNLanguage: German
Autor: Susanne Beck
Pages: 116
Edition: 1st Edition
Year of issue: 2022

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