The 9 points program bundle

The 9 points program bundle

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The 9 Points Program Bundle

The trio for the best start into the 9 points program according to Helmuth Matzner - The way to a healthier lifestyle!

This bundle contains information about the 10 days transformation of Platinum. The order link for the 10 Days Transformation from Platinum incl. a 50 EUR voucher can be found here.

10 Days Transformation

The best start into the 9 Points Program

What is the 10 Day Transformation? It is what everyone makes of it. Basically it is a "vacation from denatured food", where our body cells are supplied with essential vital substances and thus cleanse and rebuild our body cells.

This book is like a primer with the most important basic knowledge that makes us aware and empowers us to take our health into our own hands. Knowledge gives enlightenment and power, namely the power to do and to implement, so that optimally functioning body cells can give us back an echo of health, VItality and joy.

The 10 Days Transformation is primarily about the personal transformation of the True-SELF as well as the physical transformation of one's own body cells to high functionality. In other words, it is an ongoing journey from the actual state to a desired goal state on both a spiritual and physical level.

Language: German
Author: Helmuth Matzner / Daniel Schenk
Publisher: Helmuth Matzner Publishing House
Edition: 1st Edition
Year of issue: 2021

FLEXFOOD & FLEXMEAL - Change with pleasure

33 recipes for the 10 days transformation program & the best testimonials

Full flavor and full enjoyment are the motto of the book by Michaela Russmann and Helmuth Matzner. Numerous prescriptions to Flexfood and Flexmeal facilitate the benefit everyday life in the context of the 10 days transformation. All dishes are GLUTEN-FREE, VEGAN and sugar-free.

From crunchy salads to creamy soups, crative raw food recipes and magical desserts. Here, every palate will find its treat.

The dishes are easy to prepare and require neither long preparation nor preparation time. Also the necessary equipment can be found in every household.

Language: German
Author: Michaela Russmann, Helmuth Matzner
Pages: 96 pages
Edition: 1st Edition
Year of issue: 2021

Essential Oils are Ingenious Electron Donors - The 9-Point Program According to Helmuth Matzner

Almost every illness is an acute electron deficiency

What if ...

What if there was a simple, unnoticed law of nature that guarantees health and quality of life?

Essential oils guard the secret!

"Essential oils are ingenious electron donors.

Every disease is an acute electron deficiency."

Let me repeat that thought, "Every disease of civilization is an acute electron deficiency."

ADHD, old age ailments, Alzheimer's, arthritis, asthma, pancreatic problems, bowel disease, dementia, depression, diabetes, endometriosis, hemorrhoids, skin disease, heart disease, joint and bone pain, cancer, rheumatism, ... Add to this endless list.

Would this mean that if we added enough "electrons" to our body, we would be healthy and full of life, and today's common signs of aging and diseases of civilization would be a story of yesterday?

Would it be conceivable that we could take our health into our own hands and take care of ourselves without being dependent on public opening hours? Without fear of having to do without our sleeping pills, heart medication or diabetes injections in an emergency (in times of pandemics and crises)?

YES! That's exactly what I want to tell you about today in this instant guide.

Language: German
Autor: Maria L. Schasteen
Pages: 120
Edition: 1st Edition
Year of Issue: 1. February 2021