The 9-Point Program According to Helmuth Matzner

The 9-Point Program According to Helmuth Matzner

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Essential Oils are Ingenious Electron Donors - The 9-Point Program According to Helmuth Matzner

Almost every illness is an acute electron deficiency

What if ...

What if there was a simple, unnoticed law of nature that guarantees health and quality of life?

Essential oils guard the secret!

"Essential oils are ingenious electron donors.

Every disease is an acute electron deficiency."

Let me repeat that thought, "Every disease of civilization is an acute electron deficiency."

ADHD, old age ailments, Alzheimer's, arthritis, asthma, pancreatic problems, bowel disease, dementia, depression, diabetes, endometriosis, hemorrhoids, skin disease, heart disease, joint and bone pain, cancer, rheumatism, ... Add to this endless list.

Would this mean that if we added enough "electrons" to our body, we would be healthy and full of life, and today's common signs of aging and diseases of civilization would be a story of yesterday?

Would it be conceivable that we could take our health into our own hands and take care of ourselves without being dependent on public opening hours? Without fear of having to do without our sleeping pills, heart medication or diabetes injections in an emergency (in times of pandemics and crises)?

YES! That's exactly what I want to tell you about today in this instant guide.

Language: German
Autor: Maria L. Schasteen
Pages: 120
Edition: 1st Edition
Year of Issue: 1. February 2021