Natural Power of essential Oils

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This e-book explains the natru forces that are in natural substances, such as essential oils, and how we can tap into them and exploit them for our benefit. This e-book is a stand-alone companion piece to the online lecture of the same name.

To get to the heart of the secret of nature's power, we need to understand how our body's cells function, or when they are doing well, or when they are lacking important components to function optimally.

The power of essential oils has been known for thousands of years and has been used by many indigenous peoples.

Much more important than the essential oils as a single application is their symbiosis and supplementation with other essential natural substances such as water, ammino acids, vitamin D3 and many more. Only this interaction of the most important natural substances allows the essential oils to shine. The 9 point program according to Helmuth Matzner shows how essential oils can fully develop their natural power in symbiosis with other natural substances.

With this fascinating topic, many questions arise that concern everyone. Why don't we learn about the natural power of essential oils? Why are natural substances being replaced with synthetic substances? How do economic interests affect our health?

This e-book opens a new world of knowledge that leads to understanding the laws of nature and from that taking health into our own hands.

Language: German
Autor: Helmuth Matzner / Daniel Schenk
Publisher: Helmuth Matzner

Edition: 1st Edition