Fragrance Medicine of Love

Fragrance Medicine of Love

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Fragrance Medicine of Love

33 Soul Oils on The Way to Happiness

Transforming life through the wonderful scents of aromatherapy.

This book shows how the healing power of aroma medicine, gently and often imperceptibly, yet following an exact law of nature, is able to release mental tensions on the cellular level to bring new courage, vital energy and warmth of heart into everyday life. Life gets a new meaning!

The perfect synthesis of pschotherapy and fragrance medicine to improve the quality of life in all areas!

Maria Schasteen is a medically certified aroma practitioner and looks back on over twenty years of experience with essential oils. She is the author of countless therapist information books and trains a team of peers worldwide in the use of highly effective essential oils. She is the founder of Secrets of Nature and regularly posts inspirational articles on aromatherapy, salutogenesis and prevention on her author page in Facebook, on her homepage and on LinkedIn.

Language: German
Autor: Maria L. Schasteen & Gabriela Ristow-Leetz
Pages: 215
Edition: 1st Edition
Year of Issue: 2021