Fragrance medicine

Fragrance medicine

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Fragrance medicine

for children Essential oils and their therapeutic use in babies, children and young people

- with extra part pregnancy and birth -

The healing power of aromatherapy proves itself also in everyday use for the smaller and bigger problems with children and young people. The ethereal plant scents not only have a pleasant and calming effect on adolescents, but they can, used knowingly, exert a lasting healing power on body and soul.

Since children and adolescents usually approach life with many questions, pure essential oils provide a wonderful means of understanding inner processes and achieving lasting stability on the outer level.

With this loving handbook, Maria Schasteen points the way to easier coping with everyday problems in a world flooded with information, where children and young people need to find peace and orientation.

Scented Medicine" opens a gateway to the spiritual worlds of our children, whereby healing can take place and inspiration can be found in a wonderful way that has not been tapped into before!

Language: German
Autor: Maria L. Schasteen
Pages: 223
Edition: 1st Edition
Year of issue: 2017