Eat5e - Gewichtsoptimierungsprogramm

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Plan for weight optimization and rejuvenation

Eat5e is a revolutionary combination of low-carbohydrate and high-protein diet, so-called ketogenic diet, developed by Doctor Oli from the USA, which is also suitable for pescetarians*. It combines intermittent fasting, optimized cellular supply, reprogramming of genes with the help of mitochondria (so-called BioHacking) and active support of emotions through aromatherapy or by supporting the microbiome in the gut.

This program is based on the YOUNG LIVING products (essential oils, supplements, cosmetics, etc.)

Overall, the Eat5e plan for weight optimization and rejuvenation is structured as follows:

Phase I: Introduction: intermittent fasting with soup days, weight loss and detoxification (months 1 and 2).

Phase II: Reprogramming of cells and hormone balancing (months 3 and 4)

Phase III: body and brain (months 5 and 6)

Phase IV: maintenance of lifestyle and transfer to everyday life

Language: German
Author: Doctor Olivier Wenker
Pages: 100
Edition: 1st edition
Year of issue: 2022

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