10 Days Transformation - The best start into the 9 Points Program

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10 Days Transformation

The best start into the 9 Points Program

This book refers to the 10 days transformation of Platinum.
You can find the order link for the 10 Days Transformation from Platinum including a 50 EUR voucher

What is the 10 Day Transformation? It is what everyone makes of it. Basically it is a "vacation from denatured food", where our body cells are supplied with essential vital substances and thus cleanse and rebuild our body cells.

This book is like a primer with the most important basic knowledge that makes us aware and empowers us to take our health into our own hands. Knowledge gives enlightenment and power, namely the power to do and to implement, so that optimally functioning body cells can give us back an echo of health, VItality and joy.

The 10 Days Transformation is primarily about the personal transformation of the True-SELF as well as the physical transformation of one's own body cells to high functionality. In other words, it is an ongoing journey from the actual state to a desired goal state on both a spiritual and physical level.

Language: German
Author: Helmuth Matzner / Daniel Schenk
Publisher: Helmuth Matzner Publishing House
Edition: 1st Edition
Year of issue: 2021

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